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One AI platform for
all your AI needs

Our Gurunudi AI API platform aims to do just that.
To be your one stop AI platform for all your AI needs.

Chatbot Development

Natural Language Processing


Sentiment Analysis

Image Segmentation

Image Classification

Knowledge Graph

Intent Extraction

Language Detection

Speech Analysis

Chatbot Development

Integrate our intelligent, knowledge graph powered bot API. Add conversational ability to your mobile app, website, or improvise existing chatbot.

Text Analysis

Do everything with your text - Sentiment Analysis, Spell Check (Autocorrect), Grammar Check, Topic Modeling, Summarization, NLP, Autocomplete and lot more features.

Media Analysis

Be it audio, video or image analysis - our media analysis API has it covered. Facial recognition, Speech recognition (speech to text conversion), Text to Speech conversion, Voice User Interface (VUI) and much more.

Get Ahead of your Competition

Do not wait till your competitors recognize the power of Artificial Intelligence. Act now, be ahead.

Get things done first and fast

Use the power of Artificial Intelligence to get things done quickly and accurately. Do away with manual errors.

Focus on your business logic

Your core business and business logic is your specialization. Leave the generic tasks to our AI platform and dedicate your time completely for your specialization.

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