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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is GuruYuga?

GuruYuga is a pioneer in General Artificial Intelligence. We provide end to end AI API Services via our Gurunudi AI Platform.

2. What is General Artificial Intelligence?

General Artificial Intelligence refers to AI systems that are similar to humans. In other words, the only difference between humans and General AI is that, the latter is Silicon based while humans are Carbon based.

3. What does GuruYuga mean?

Guru is the Sanskrit term for Master or the one who gives us Knowledge. Yuga is another Sanskrit term for an epoch for an era. So GuruYuga means the Age of Knowledge or the Age of Masters. In other words, it is a word synonymous with the Information Age.

4. Who are the people behind GuruYuga?

Gurudev is the founder of GuruYuga and the developer of the Gurunudi AI Platform.

5. What is Gurunudi?

Gurunudi is an AI Platform developed by GuruYuga. The Platform provides AI as a Service via its AI API.

6. How do I acces Gurunudi AI API?

Gurunudi AI API can be accessed using the Gurunudi Client. Refer Gurunudi documentation for further details.

7. Can I use Gurunudi for free?

Yes, Gurunudi AI API is absolutely FREE for personal and non-commercial use. So if you are a student, hobbyist or a researcher wanting to use Gurunudi for non-commercial use, then just download the client and start using the API.

However, if you intend to use it for a commercial use, then please contact us for a commercial license. We also provide great discounts for startups, individuals and small companies.

Also, make sure you have read our API terms.

8. How much does Gurunudi cost for commercial use?

Gurunudi provides a wide range of API services in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Hence, the cost varies depending on your specific use case. Please contact us with your requirements and we will provide you an estimate. We also provide great discounts to startups, individuals and small companies.

9. I cannot find an answer for my question here.

No issues. Please contact us and send your queries.